Huxley Lecture Theatre, University of Brighton

Continuous Writing Wall Installation

The Brief

The University of Brighton was searching for a specialist writing surface for academics in Heavy Engineering, Computing and Product Design. The University wished to maximise writing surface area on a teaching wall in a lecture theatre for 300 people, without compromising the quality of the product or the experience using it.

The Solution

Our university team met with the University of Brighton’s Learning Space Development Manager, Graciano Soares to discuss requirements and to survey the condition of the lecture theatre teaching wall. TB Spaces then provided detailed scale drawings and proposed the VES (or Vitreous Enamelled Steel) continuous writing wall –  sectional magnetic dry wipe whiteboards with a 25 year surface warranty in landscape orientation as the best solution. Diagrams detailing how the panels would be attached to the teaching wall and the resultant area of writing surface were also provided.

This was important because there were concerns that the plasterboard wall may not have enough anchor points or be strong enough to hold the writing wall panels. Concerns were overcome when our installations team designed a ‘frame’ of wooden batons which effectively provided more anchor points and spread the weight of each panel across a larger area. The wooden batons were finished in gloss white to match the high gloss whiteboard panels. Finally, a thin white powder coated aluminium frame was attached to the perimeter of each panel, giving the audience the visual impression of one large whiteboard.

Total writing surface length provided – 13m
Total writing surface area provided – 14.95m

The Outcome

The Writing Wall delivered by Teacherboards provided the perfect solution for academics using the Huxley lecture theatre, offering uninterrupted, continuous writing walls of over 13m in total. This has been a long standing request from lecturers in Heavy Engineering, Computing and Product Design at the University of Brighton, who need to write elaborate models or formulas during their lessons”.

Feedback provided by Graciano Soares,
Learning Spaces Development Manager,
Modern Spaces Program, University of Brighton.

Product Detail

TBSpaces Continuous Writing Wall
Surface Finishes: High gloss and semi matt.
Standard Panel Sizes: 1500 x 1150, 1800 x 1150, 2400 x 1150, bespoke sizes made to order.
25 year surface warranty

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