Fluffo Fire Resist Panels

Product Information

Fluffo Fire Resist wall paneling is perfect for large lecture theatres and seminar rooms where sound reverberation may impede learning and concentration. This product has a rating of D-s1, d0 which meets the requirements of the British Standard fire regulations as a Class D fire-resistant product. This product has the benefits of fire safety without deterring from the overall aesthetic that a professional establishment requires. Fluffo Fire Resist comes in a range of beautiful shades, shapes, and sizes to create a comfortable, quiet, and functional work space for its users.


The material is made from a fire resistant high-density bio-soluable mineral wool with a 1mm thick finish of Polyamide microfibers to create a colourful surface. This material is a great feature for creating a sustainable and customisable environment. Available is a straight edge cut that can be installed to create a free-flowing acoustic panel wall. This product has a flammability rating of D-s1, d0 which adheres to the BS EN Standards of Class D.

  • Available in 10 colour options
  • Provides a safe and functional learning environment for students
  • The acoustic properties help learning commons, and other spaces to reach their optimum acoustic potential
  • Straight cut edge: Panels can be slotted together to create a free flowing wall
  • Adheres to British Standard Fire Regulations. Fire Rating: Class D