Velvet Wrap Projection Screen

Product Information

Our Velvet Wrap Projection Screens come in a range of format variables and size options both standard and bespoke. The stylish velvet covered aluminium frame and enhanced cinematic material screens are the perfect choice for your high quality projection requirements. A brilliant solution for broadcasting videos and lecture slides in theatres and auditoriums.

The material used is  specifically designed for all high definition projectors. The solid structure and positioning of the screens ensures flatness of the projection and is also non-creasing. Easy to install due to its  innovative rail mounted bracket system.

Available in a 16:9 and 16:10 format

• Velvet wrapped aluminum frame
• A whole range of size options available to suit your space
• Bespoke and standard sizes available
• Premium quality cinematic projection screen material
• Anti-crease and non-warping material
• Wall mounted design
• Easy to install using the innovative rail mounting brackets
• Format 16:9 and 16:10